Because your child deserves the best! It is a huge misconception that Performing Dance Arts is for the serious or advanced student. This is simply not true… We will help your child develop higher self-esteem, better coordination, self-discipline, creativity, poise, self-confidence, a healthy body and mind and most importantly, a LOVE FOR DANCE! Your child will be able to interact with other children and develop lasting friendships, while gaining an education.

Our facility was built from the ground up for the dancer. With over 11,000 square feet of space, we boast a dance studio unlike any other. Four themed studios with raised floors for injury prevention, spacious change room facilities for boys and girls , a warm up area, and a homework and lunch room. We have open viewing windows and encourage you to watch your child’s progress in every class as well as four screens should you choose to watch from the comfort of our lobby.

You can be assured that they are getting PROFESSIONAL training at a WELL-ESTABLISHED dance studio.

We have all our teachers (including recreational teachers) get there teachers certificate. We have no student teachers and all our teachers are adults, so no need to worry about getting a 14 year old dancer teaching your child to dance. You can be assured that you are getting PROFESSIONAL training at a WELL-ESTABLISHED dance studio that’s been in business now for 32 years.

We currently have 22 teachers and teacher assistants on staff. We are one of the few studio to pay our assistants rather than having all volunteers. We believe that in order to get quality teacher assistants then it has to be a job for them and they have to be held accountable for their actions.

Yes there is a Dress code at PDA. We believe it is imporatant to enforce a dress code so that the teachers are able to properly correct dancers and help them to improve. For your convienience, we sell all the required dance wear at the studio. We carry Capezio and Bloch Shoes, Tights and Body suits. It is now possible to take care of everything you need to begin class’s right at PDA… Our dancewear is much more affordable than what you can purchase at leading dance supply stores and online stores.

Yes, Although Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms at the recreational level it is not mandatory to take Ballet. It is mandatory to take Ballet if enrolling in our competitive program

Yes, Although dance starts in September, we are able to accept registration into our recreational dance programs up to the middle of April.

The Majority of graduates from our competitive program go on to University or college to continue their dance education. I don’t have an exact number but would guess approximitly 25 dancers.

No! If anything it helps with their education. It teaches children better time management and focus. I often hear from dancers, that once graduating and having more time on their hands their grades actually suffered from not being forced to properly manage their time and getting the school work done right away.

Yes….Too many to list in the FAQ section. Most recently, one of our dancers, Amanda Cleghorn, has gone on to be a dancer with Tayor Swift. Please visit our PDA Alumni page to see all the success from previous graduates.

We offer Pre-Jazz, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap, Pre-Acro and a Pre Combo class for ages 3 – 5 Years. All classes are 45 minutes in length accept the combo class is 1.5 –  2 hours.