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Performing Dance Arts (, a premier dance academy for youth, is announcing the opening of a second location in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Performing Dance Arts’s highly anticipated second location will be at 37 Advance Road, suite 104, in Etobicoke, Ontario. Its grand opening celebrations will be on August 14 and 15, 2017; while the studio will be open for drop-in classes during the month of August, classes will officially begin in September 2017.

“Our Vaughan location has been brimming with new students, so we decided to open a second location in Etobicoke since it’s an expanding area with a lot of families and children interested in dance,” says Ashley Daychak, Creative Director at Performing Dance Arts.

The new Toronto location is fully equipped with the necessities and will feature three large studios with state-of-the-art flooring, girls’ and boys’ changerooms, as well as up-to-date audio systems and lighting. Parents will also have the luxury of watching their children during their sessions thanks to the TVs in the lobby and cameras in each studio.

“We’re so excited to be branching out further into the GTA to be able to serve all of our students better,” says Daychak. “Our main focus will be to help our new students realize their potential and see how far they can take their passion for dance.”

The new Toronto Performing Dance Arts location will offer jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and acro style classes; however, this studio will only offer recreational dance and part-time competitive programs. Hours will remain the same as those of the Vaughan location: Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., and closed on Sundays.

“Our staff consists of trained teachers who have an exceptional talent when dealing with children,” says Daychak. “We’re looking forward to using these teaching abilities to reach the youth in the Toronto area, and we are thrilled to become a part of the rapidly growing neighbourhood.”

Ryan Daychak, General Manager of the Vaughan location, will also be managing the Toronto studio. The lead dance instructors will be Ashley Daychak, who has 20 years of teaching experience, and Vanessa Suppa, who brings 25 years of dance experience and more than a decade of teaching experience.

“Vanessa and I can’t wait for the first classes in the new studio—we’re certain that parents and students alike will enjoy the atmosphere of Performing Dance Arts and the amenities we have to offer,” Daychak concludes.

Performing Dance Arts provides both professional and recreational dance lessons for children and youth. Operating out of their Vaughan location, Performing Dance Arts has served the GTA since 1986 and will continue to do so with the addition of its Etobicoke studio.

Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio for children of all skill levels, is weighing in on South African firefighters dancing in an Edmonton airport.

On Sunday, May 30, 2016, 300 South African firefighters arrived in Western Canada to help battle the continuing wildfires that started in Fort McMurray and have continued to spread. The group made headlines after being seen dancing in unison at Edmonton International Airport in traditional African movements. (Source: Wong, J., “‘We are ready for it’: South African firefighters land in Edmonton, eager to help battle Fort McMurray wildfire,” Global News web site, May 29, 2016;

“This is a time where people need to smile and feel encouragement more than ever,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “Seeing and hearing people cheer on these firefighters as they danced collectively in an airport where people's spirits are likely damaged was a beautiful scene and shows just how powerful dance can be.”

The firefighters were flown in on a charter flight to Edmonton, where the dancing scene took place. Residents from both Fort McMurray and Edmonton were present to show their support for the firefighters, who have travelled thousands of miles to do their part to end the wildfires.

“It's almost hard to imagine what kind of a gesture this is,” Daychak explains. “These firefighters are people from an entirely different continent thousands of miles away, yet here they are in Canada, helping deal with what has been a devastating time for people in that region, and really for the entire country.”

Over 2,200 firefighters are still actively working to put out the blaze that has been going since May 1 and has burned through over one million acres. Reports indicate that residents of Fort MacMurray will slowly be allowed to reenter the city soon.

“Canadians are doing their part by donating, and these foreign firefighters are playing a major role by facing these fires head-on,” Daychak concludes. “And as shown, a little dancing before they get to work did a lot to lift people's spirits.”

Performing Dance Arts looks to empower kids of all ages through dance.

Performing Dance Arts, (, which provides professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on Ukrainian dancers celebrating 125 years since their people’s migration to Canada.  
It's been 125 years since the first group of Ukrainian settlers immigrated to Canada. That event can be traced back to 1891, and on Sunday, May 29, the Ukrainian Dance Ensemble will celebrate this occasion. (Source: “Dancers are fired up to share their Ukrainian heritage,” The Morning Vernon, May 25, 2016;  
“Dance has always been tied to cultural celebrations,” says Ashley Daychak, creative director at Performing Dance Arts. “Dancing is such a spirited tradition and in Canada, we get to see those traditions brought to life. It’s one of the great advantages to living in this country.”
Canada today hosts the third-largest population of ethnic Ukrainians behind only Russia and Ukraine itself. The 17th annual Okanagan Ukrainian Festival will feature special guest dancers including the Pokotilo Ukrainian Dancers of Kamloops.    
“I think people can easily imagine Ukrainian dancers,” Daychak continues. “The costumes, the colours, and even the movements are so classic. They truly have a rich cultural history that Canada has been fortunate enough to be a part of. And having a day to celebrate that history and tradition of dance and other rituals is a great thing.”  
The production this year is titled “VATRA - FIRE.” Dancers of all ages will be involved in the celebration, with some as young as three years old. Singing and dancing are expected to go on well into the night, as is the custom for this type of celebration.  
“We just love dance so much ourselves. Performing Dance Arts has seen so many dancers come through our doors and we see the passion and energy they exude with every dance step that they take,” Daychak concludes. “It’s truly an amazing thing to witness the impact of dancing both on the individual and the overall culture.”
Performing Dance Arts provides both professional and casual dance lessons to children of all ages and levels. It operates out of a dance studio in the Woodbridge area and serves all of the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on new research showing the health benefits of dancing.

A new study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation, showed that seniors who participated in dance had better physical functions and were more mobile than their counterparts. (Source: Vasquez, P et al. “Influence of Latin Dance on Physical Activity Among Community Dwelling Older Latino Adults,” Circulation, last accessed March 30, 2016;

Performing Dance Arts, (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on Rihanna and Drake featuring dance hall in her latest music video.

Rihanna’s most recent music video for her song “Work” features groups of dancers collectively showcasing their dance hall move. The video, which also features Toronto rapper Drake was filmed in Toronto at the well-known east end Real Jerk restaurant. (Source: “Drake, Rihanna spotted in Toronto shooting new music video,” CBC news, February 6, 2016;

Performing Dance Arts (www., Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, weighs in on the Toronto Harbourfront’s promotion of diverse choreographers from across Canada.  
Dance Immersion, which took place at the Harbourfront on the weekend of February 27, featured six of Canada’s most recognized emerging choreographers. The title of this year’s Dance Immersion was Footsteps Across Canada and concluded the Black History Month celebrations. (Source: Crabb, M., “Impressive new choreographers highlighted in Dance Immersion showcase,” Toronto Star web site, February 25, 2016;  

Performing Dance Arts, (www., Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on New York-flavoured International Dance series showing in Toronto.  
Toronto Dance Theatre has a short, but established history of introducing dance from across the world to the local scene. For the fourth instalment of the series, choreographers Joanna Kotze and Jeanine Durning from New York were invited to show off their talent. Kotze recently won a Bessie Award in 2013 for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer. Durning comes from a post modern dance tradition and shares many similarities to Kotze as far as how they use movement and structure. (Source: Schabas, M., “International series brings essence of New York to Toronto Dance Theatre,” The Globe and Mail web site, February 12, 2016; 

Performing Dance Arts February 9, 2016 – Performing Dance Arts (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on the dancing autistic Starbucks barista.

A Toronto Starbucks has been made popular for more than just its lattes. An autistic high school student named Sam, who is a barista there, has drawn attention for his behind-the-counter dance moves. Because of Sam’s autism, he has to deal with sudden, uncontrolled movements. He had initially thought he would never be able to hold the type of job he now enjoys, but the dancing has turned his disorder into a building block for Sam’s confidence. (Source: Mangione, K., “Dancing Toronto Starbucks barista with autism goes viral,” CTV News, January 26, 2016;

Performing Dance Arts, January 21, 2016 – Performing Dance Arts, (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on a champion dance duo who returned after one of them suffered a neck injury.  
Nearly a year ago, dancer Daria Novoselova suffered a horrific neck injury while practising with her dance partner Roberto Quaresma. The two were attempting an acrobatic flip without a spotter when Quaresma fell on the back of Novoselova’s neck, which he heard crack on the ground.  
(Source:  Yuen, J., “Dance partners back in winning form after neck injury,” Toronto Sun web site, January 10, 2016;  

Performing Dance Arts, (, Toronto’s leading dance studio providing professional dance lessons for kids of all ages, is weighing in on Canadian dancers winning gold at a world dance championships.

Team Canada West’s national junior girls squad—which consists of 24 dancers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan—competed in the International Dance Organization World Dance Championships in Poland last month. Members of the team were able to win four gold and one bronze medal during the competition. (Source: “Canada junior girls team takes home the gold at world dance championships,”, December 13, 2015;

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