Dance Classes in Toronto

Kids’ Dance Classes in Toronto

Performing Dance Arts is proud to offer a wide array of dance classes in Toronto, ranging from ballet to hip hop to jazz and more. We understand that your child’s dance education is important to you, which is why we hold our teachers and facilities to such a high standard. We have four different studios dedicated to their respective styles of dance, fully equipped with cameras so that parents can view their children’s sessions in the lobby without causing distraction.

Leading each of our classes is a certified teacher with years of dance experience—you can be assured that your child will receive the best dance education at our academy, regardless of whether they plan on pursuing dance professionally or if their dance career ends with their after-school lessons. We have dance programs for toddlers and preteens alike, so whether your child is interested in dancing as a competitive sport or just as a recreational activity, we have the program for them.

Allowing your child to participate in dance lessons in Toronto will help them develop a sense of creativity, promote a healthy lifestyle, improve their self-esteem and discipline, as well as foster their passion for dance. They’ll meet other children with similar interests, and they’ll even grow their social skills and expand their friends group. Give your child the tools to gain a sense of confidence, and poise, and to make lifelong friends by enrolling them today in classes at Performing Dance Arts, one of the top dance studios in Toronto.

Dance class in Toronto

Performing Dance Arts Studio In Toronto

Our Dance Lessons in Toronto

Jazz Dance Lessons

A popular type of dance, our Toronto jazz classes are super high-energy and tons of fun for any age. You’ll learn jazz combinations, steps, and full dance routines with this program.

Tap Dance Lessons

Our Toronto tap dancing lessons are incredibly popular for those looking to improve their agility, rhythm, coordination, and technique. Available for ages three and up, your toddler or preteen will have a ball making music with their feet.

Ballet Dance Lessons

Your little one will learn all the basics and fundamentals of dance when they enroll in our classical ballet Toronto dance classes. Available for kids aged three and up, your child can choose whether they’d like to take these classes at a recreational or competitive level.

Hip Hop Dance Lessons

We teach all the popular moves you’ll see performed by your favorite hip hop and R&B artists in our Toronto hip hop dance classes. This is a great option for those who want to let loose and learn some awesome dance techniques while being able to let the creativity flow.

Acro Dance Lessons

Our acro Toronto dance lessons consist of a unique combination of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics. This is an ideal choice for those looking to improve their flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as learn a few cool tricks.

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Stop Googling “dance classes for kids near me” and come by our studio today. There’s no shortage of programs to choose from, and your child is guaranteed to love our state-of-the-art facilities—so why wait? Contact us today for more information or stop by our studio to check it out for yourself.