Dance Studio in Etobicoke

Our Dance Studio in Etobicoke

Performing Dance Arts has operated out of its Woodbridge location for years, and it’s recently opened a new dance studio in Etobicoke, Ontario. We realized over the years that this area is growing with many families with children moving into it. Taking note of the budding family-centric area, we also came to realize the incredible influx of talented children here—as such, opening a dance studio in Etobicoke was the natural next step for us. We thrive on helping children foster their passion for dance and realize their potential; what better way to do that than to offer dance lessons in Etobicoke?

We’re proud to offer a variety of programs ranging from recreational ballet dance classes in Etobicoke to competitive hip hop classes in Etobicoke. If you’re looking for dance classes for kids near you, then look no further.

Our Dance Programs in Etobicoke

Performing Dance Arts offers both recreational and part-time competitive dance classes for toddlers and older kids at our Etobicoke location. This way, we’re able to cater to everyone’s needs—whether your child would like to pursue dance professionally or if they just want to take a few casual classes after school, we’ve got the program to suit them. In addition, our recreational and competitive dance lessons in Etobicoke are offered in a variety of genres.

Types of Dance Classes We Offer

Our academy focuses on the dance education of your child, and in order to provide them with a well-rounded skillset, we’ve grown our services to be able to offer five different styles of dance. Our instructors lead in-depth programs in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and acro. Thanks to our versatility, our students are able to participate in as many genres as they’d like. And since each has something different to offer, we often encourage students to explore the different styles to truly expand their repertoire.

Our Facilities

Our wide array of programs is offered in a state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped with all of the necessities as the comfort of parents and students is one of our top priorities. We realize that when you invest in your child’s dance education, you’ll want to witness their progress firsthand; however, having parents present at rehearsals can make students nervous and distracted, which is why each of our studios is furnished with cameras so that you can view lessons in real time from the lobby. With gender-specific change rooms and up-to-date audio systems, lighting, and flooring, our studios are designed to please parents and students alike.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dance studio to enroll your child in, your search ends with Performing Dance Arts. Our trained and experienced instructors will be able to provide your children with a quality dance education, and your children will be able to enjoy the amenities of our upgraded studio. Whether your little one just wants to dip their toes into the world of dance to see if they enjoy it or if they’re looking for a studio that’ll help them in the early stages of their professional dance career, Performing Dance Arts has the program for them. Contact us for more information about programs and scheduling.