Dance Studio Maple

Whether your child is looking to dance competitively or just for exercise, you’ll find lessons suited to their needs at Performing Dance Arts’ dance studio in Maple. Conveniently located just off Highway 400 near Major Mackenzie Drive, our 11,000-square-foot facility boasts four studios for each of the dance styles we provide dance lessons for.

We offer lessons in a number of dance styles at our dance studio in Maple. From the classic styles of ballet and jazz to contemporary styles such as hip hop, you’ll find dance lessons ideally suited to your child when your sign them up for lessons at our dance studio in Maple. And regardless of their level of skill, our dance studio in Maple offers lessons suited to your child, for children starting at an early age right up to teenagers.

Dance is excellent exercise that provides a total body workout. If you’re looking to get your child in shape and build their self-confidence, consider our recreational dance lessons. Our dance studio in Maple employs energetic instructors who will challenge and motivate your child to reach their full potential while providing lessons suited to their skill level.

Or maybe your child wants to dance competitively. We offer both full-time and part-time competitive lessons at our dance studio. Our lessons include training programs suited to your child’s schedule with the goal of preparing them to dance in competitions in Ontario or the U.S. Your child will receive instructions from both our in-house and guest instructors.

All this will ultimately prepare them to participate in dance competitions where they will perform in front of an audience. Imagine what that will do for your child’s confidence and self-esteem!

Now in our 26th year of business and our third year at our current location, we at Performing Dance Arts have built our reputation as being the top dance studio in Maple. Contact us for more information today!