Dance Studio in Vaughan

Whether your child wants to dance for fun or competitively, Performing Dance Arts provides lessons at our spacious dance studio in Vaughan. We employ only the best instructors, who will have your child dancing with the best in no time!

We provide recreational lessons at our dance studio in Vaughan; recreational dance means dancing for the sheer joy of it. If your child wants to learn how to dance, but doesn’t want to enter the competitive world, we will provide them with the skills they need to “bust a move” with the best of them. And who knows; your child may just be bit by the “dance bug” and decide to enter the competitive world after all! Regardless of whether they dance recreationally or competitively, they will enjoy the physical benefits; dancing is a great workout!

Our recreational programs at our dance studio in Vaughan start with the “Dance in Your Pants” program for kids aged two to three years old. It’s an excellent chance for your child to interact with kids their age and become accustomed to taking lessons from a teacher. From there, they will graduate to our pre-dance class, which introduces kids to the joy of dance and encourages coordination, strength, and flexibility. Children enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to dance in our year-end competition.

If your child wants to dance competitively but doesn’t have the time to dedicate to full-time dance lessons, our dance studio in Vaughan provides part-time competitive dance classes. We hold these classes every Tuesday and Thursday night and teach our students a number of disciplines, including jazz, tap, hip hop, and ballet, as well as have open classes. Students in part-time classes will also be able to compete in local competitions.

If your child is an aspiring dance star, enrol them in our full-time competitive dance program. We will teach your child a variety of dance styles two to three days a week, increasing the number of days as skill levels improve. From there, your child will have the chance to wow judges at competitions in Canada and the U.S.!

Recreational Dance programs