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About Our Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz dance is not only one of the most popular forms of dance–jazz dance lessons can also provide a fun, funky workout for your kids! There are several factors you’ll need to take into account before you register your child for jazz dance classes in Toronto or Vaughan . First and foremost is the teacher’s experience. Performing Dance Arts employs only the best instructors that can teach your children jazz dance lessons. We provide jazz dance classes in Vaughan, Etobicoke, Toronto for all levels; from beginner to advanced! We also offer potential students and their parents the opportunity to watch a live dance class so they can decide whether or not it’s the right fit.

Our Jazz Dance Competition Videos

Our Jazz Dance Studio in Vaughan

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Telephone : (905) 856-1030

Our Jazz Dance Studio in Toronto

Performing Dance Arts Toronto Ltd

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Our Jazz Dance Programs

Our dance studio offers some of the best dance programs within the Greater Toronto Area. We take special pride in offering first-rate instruction within a fun environment that allows your child to get the absolute best dance education possible.

Recreational Dance Programs

    • Dance-In-Your-Pants: For children who are between two and three years old, students gain an invaluable opportunity to socialize with others and gain an understanding of how to learn from an adult dance instructor.
    • Pre-Dance: Children who are three to five years old can explore their movement range. Simultaneously, they will develop traits like coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance that are the building blocks of a dancer’s abilities. There is also a year-end show, which is much more spectacular than a mere recital.

Competitive Dance Programs

    • Part-Time:Dancers get five hours of training weekly in jazz that enables them to enter local competitions. Prior dance training is a prerequisite.
    • Micro-Mini:Dancers train twice weekly for four to five classes which enable competition in local competitions.
    • Full-Time:This is a very demanding program that offers the highest level of dance training available. If selected for the competitive team, you will participate in guest workshops, examinations, and four to five competitions (including the possibility of a National Competition).

About Our Jazz Instructors

Our jazz instructors are passionate and well-versed in the traditions, theory, and practice of many forms of dance, including jazz. They have studied at the most prestigious dance academies and schools internationally and trained with renowned choreographers globally. All have performance experience, with a few having danced professionally. With years of experience working with all age groups, our instructors utilize the best teaching methods that have yielded results time and time again.

Cost of Jazz Classes

Classes are relatively inexpensive for beginners. Remember that Performing Dance Arts offers free trial classes at our Vaughan location to new or existing dance students who want to try our classes.
All classes that we offer run from September to June (similar to the school year). Registration is for the year, but payments are made monthly.

  • Dance-In-Your-Pants:  $45.00 per month, plus tax.
  • Pre-Dance:   $52.00 per month, plus tax (45 minutes)
  • 1.5-Hour Combo Class: $98.00 per month, plus tax
  • 2-Hour Combo Class:    $120.00 per month, plus tax

* Combo classes include Pre-Jazz, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Hip Hop, Pre-Acro, Pre-Tap

Our drop-in fee is $15.00, plus tax.
A six-class card is just $75.00, plus tax.

FAQ about Jazz Dance Classes

To help you decide which type of dance class to enroll your child in, we have provided this handy FAQ about jazz dance.

Are Jazz Dance Classes Right for My Child?

Jazz dance is the perfect way for your child to improve their flexibility and coordination. Dance lessons will allow your children to learn new moves, stay active, and have fun. And even if your children have never danced before, they can still take jazz dance classes.

Our jazz dance studio is ideally suited for dancers of all ages and levels; in fact, you can even enroll a child as young as three years-old! If your child is reluctant to join, point out that many modern dance styles are influenced by jazz dancing.

Why Should My Child Attend Performing Dance Arts?

As the top jazz dance studio in Vaughan and Toronto we recognize that dance is an ever-changing art form, and our jazz dance classes reflect this. Our instructors keep up-to-date on the latest trends in the world of jazz dance, so rest assured that when you sign your child up for lessons, they’re learning from the best.

Whether your child is looking to dance for fun or competitively, our jazz dance lessons will teach them valuable skills, along with a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Our dance lessons embrace a sense of individuality, which will allow your children to develop their own unique styles. And who knows, they may just go on to bigger and better things, as many of our graduates have!

Why Should You Enroll Your Child in Jazz Dance Classes?

Imagine the electric atmosphere of a Broadway stage: Energy. Movement. Style. That is the power contained within jazz dance. If you have a child who is bursting with energy and looking for a dance form that they can use as a method of self-expression, jazz classes might be the ticket. Read more: Why Should You Enroll Your Child in Jazz Dance Classes?

Should I Consider My Kid’s Age for Dance Lessons?

If your child can walk, run, and communicate with others, then they are qualified to join a dance class. They will likely be able to undertake direction from an instructor by around the age of three. You will find that engaging in dance helps children develop physically, mentally, and socially. They must learn to think about what to do next as they dance, which helps develop both cognitive and motor skills. Read more: Should I Consider My Kid’s Age for Dance Lessons?

When Should You Start Jazz Dance Lessons for Toddlers?

A toddler who is aged 2 ½ or more years old is eligible to begin in our dance classes. An age of 3-5 years for a toddler is ideal to start our pre-jazz dance classes where children will learn about movement, form, and more under the careful tutelage of an adult instructor. If your child is older, remember that we have special classes for children ages 6-8, 8-11, 11 years old, and 12 years old and up.Read More: What are the Benefits of Dance in Early Child Development?

What Should My Kid Wear to Jazz Dance Class?

Jazz dance shoes or sneakers with a rubber sole that provides good traction and a snug fit are ideal. Slip-on shoes may be easier for toddlers rather than laces.Girls may prefer to wear tights and a leotard. Boys can wear shorts or jogging pants, unless they opt for jazz pants.Hair should be pulled back and secured. This can be done by fashioning it into a bun or ponytail, or using a headband, pins, and/or clips.

What Do You Need for Jazz Classes?

Besides the right shoes and outfit, you may want to also bring a towel or sweatbands to help with perspiration. A bottle of water, sports drink or juice and a healthy snack (banana, etc.) can be good for your child to replenish their fluids and nutrients.

Is Jazz Dance Hard to Learn?

All dance forms have their challenges, and jazz requires qualities like patience, maturity, and desire in order to faithfully pursue. A child who is attentive and industrious will be able to grasp the basic tenements of jazz dance. Jazz is also a good primer for other forms of dance, such as ballet.

Is Jazz Dance Good for Boys or Girls?

Jazz is an excellent pastime for boys or girls because it is an exciting form of dance that helps them improve in a wide variety of areas. From conditioning to flexibility, as well as balance, children can find themselves expanding in a variety of physical ways. However, the social benefits and structured learning environment can prove beneficial in areas far beyond the dance studio.

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