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About Our Tap Dance Classes

If your child is three, four, five, or six years old, tap dancing is a great activity for them to start! Toddler tap dancing is a lot of fun and there are many benefits to the art. Kids can develop physical, social, and mental advantages from the dance that can help them start living healthy, successful, happy lives. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of tap dance for kids, and why our tap dance lessons may be the right choice for your toddler.

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Our Tap Dance Programs


Recreational Dance Programs

  • Dance-In-Your-Pants: Ideal for children ages two to three who are ready for toddler tap dance lessons. Children can join this program, which provides preparation for classes through socializing with other students and taking instructions from an adult teacher.
  • Pre-Dance: In this class, children ages three to five now qualify. They will be guided through fun exercises that help them explore movement and range, and develop strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, and flexibility for dance.

Competitive Dance Programs

  • Part-Time: For five hours, divided into mandatory classes over two days a week, students can train in a variety of styles. In April and May, there are also three mandatory competitions.
  • Micro-Mini: In this program, your child will dance two or three times a week to attend four to five mandatory classes. In April and May there are two to three mandatory local competitions to attend.
  • Full-Time: To provide the highest level of training possible, we have a full-time competitive program. Here, your child will have the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers and go through different examinations. There are four to five mandatory competitions in April and May, and in July, certain student may potentially be able to participate in a National Competition.

About Our Tap Instructors

Our internationally acclaimed instructors can perform and teach with years of talent and experience. For years they have trained and developed young dancers, inspiring them with their own success, careers, and awards. Their educational and practical background in both dance and teaching makes them qualified to helping your child get the best education and training.

How to Register

To register, simply fill out our online registration form from our web site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at one of our great dance studio locations.


FAQs about Tap Dance Lessons in Vaughan and Etobicoke

Why Should My Child Learn to Tap Dance?

Tap dance classes for toddlers are a great way to help your child get off the couch and get their heart pumping. It is a great activity for them to do after school, even during the winter time. Tap dancing can strengthen the muscles, help them develop their coordination and balance, and even provide mental and social benefits. By learning and excelling at dance, they can build up their self-esteem and use dance as an outlet to channel their creative energy. In terms of social benefits, tap dance can help them learn how to make new friends in a different setting than school. They will also learn about collaborate activities, with both boys and girls.

Are Tap Dance Classes Right for My Child?

Tap dancing as a very easy dance to learn, and your child may only need a few lessons before getting on their way to becoming a skilled dancer. Tap dance has evolved over the years, but it typically includes specific steps, creating a variation and sound by shifting the bodyweight and using different types of shoes. This vigorous form of dance requires stamina. Our instructors will take the time to build your child’s skill level.

Is Tap Dancing Hard for Toddlers to Learn?

It’s never too early to begin tap dance for toddlers—you may be surprised at how well your little one dances once given the opportunity. Dancing is a lot of fun, so as your child learns, you can rest knowing they are enjoying themselves.

What Can My Child Expect During Tap Dance Classes?

The art of tap dancing requires learning different steps, such as the “shuffle ball change,” the “New Yorkers,” and the “flap.” Although these are easy to learn, it takes practice to get them right, and our tap dance studio will make time for your child to learn properly. We will also make sure our studio has the best platform for your child to learn.

How Do I Choose the Right Tap Shoes for my Child?

Choosing the right tap shoes for your child will not be difficult. There are different types to choose from, including flat and heeled varieties with either full or split soles. Keep in mind that you should look for a pair of shoes that are firm and provide stability. They should be very comfortable and should make a good sound.

Where Can I Get Tap Shoes for My Kid?

We can help you find the best tap dance shoes for your child, and you can purchase them at our studio.

How Many Tap Dance Sessions Are There in a Week?

On lesson a day is more than enough, but students may have one session a week and practice the rest of the days.

Sign Your Child Up for Tap Dance Classes at Performance Dance Arts

Established in 1986, Performing Dance Arts has become a reliable name for high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive level. Our extensive dance programs include jazz, tap, ballet, acro, lyrical, and hip-hop classes that promote coordination, creativity, self-confidence, and a healthy mind and body. If you want your child to benefit from the physical, mental, and social benefits of tap dance classes in Toronto or Vaughan, contact us today at 905-856-1030!


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